The Roly Mo – ‘TRM’ | EP Review

the roly mo trm artwork

The Roly Mo finally deliver their debut EP TRM

Glasgow 4 piece The Roly Mo have finally graced us with their debut EP titled ‘TRM’! The Roly Mo have been winning over audiences at their exhilarating live shows supporting bands like Rascalton and playing festival sets for Tenement TV. Their talent and drive have gained them a loyal fanbase in Glasgow’s thriving punk scene and it’s easy to see why.  

Their long-awaited debut record features 6 massive guitar-heavy tracks that expresses the bands thoughts on everyday life. Intoxicatingly cool and confident, the EP follows the band’s formidable 2019 singles ‘Cuttin’ About’ and ‘Fooled By You’.

The EP kicks things off with explosive opening track She’s So Hot’. The noisy punk song sets the record off at full speed with its energetic distorted guitar riffs and Joe Morton’s racing vocals singing romantic lyrics.

Rock gem ‘Diamond Doll’ has a real swagger to it and Joe’s vocals are confident and commanding as the lyrics tell a story about unrequited love. The song is driven by the drums and infectious bassline and complimented nicely by the crunchy electric guitar rhythm.

The record takes a slower turn with the next track ‘Count To Ten’. Melodic and infectious, the indie track perfectly showcases the band’s song writing ability and maturity. The vocals on this track are effortlessly smooth and show more restraint, a fresh and slightly different sound for the band.

The boys bring back their gritty punk sound with ‘Stuck In A Rut’. Fast, aggressive, and full of attitude, the track tells a story of being trapped in a mundane cycle of everyday life. Featuring some heavy guitar riffs and swift and loud drumming the song is sure to go off at one of their chaotic live shows.    

Carrying on the punk vibes is raw track ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die’. The song features anthemic vocals, heavy guitar riffs, a catchy chorus and is dripping with attitude. What more could you want. 

Infectious closing track ‘Control Yourself’ slows things down again, touching on themes of addiction the track tells the story of a “rough night”. The Strokes sounding guitar riffs and sing-along vocals make the track my favourite off the EP.  

In all the EP really explores The Roly Mo’s influences, from punk to rock to indie. Aggressive yet melancholic, every song on the record is completely different and their carefree attitude, confidence and honesty are infectious, making ‘TRM’ a really enjoyable listen from start to finish.

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