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Kid Violet get on the SOTW playlist with ‘Lights Out’

There are no two Kid Violet songs that sound the same. Maybe it’s down to vocalist Billy’s uniquely persistent energy that meets the demand of each track, or maybe it’s that few bands put quite the shift in during lockdown the way Kid Violet did.

From mashing “Jolene” into their unreleased single “Hold Me”, to live-streams managing to feature the whole band AND two releases before ‘Lights Out’, KV took this opportunity to work towards everything we’ve come to know and love from the boys. 

‘Lights Out’ has a look at turbulence through passion – which is pretty universal even when the rest of the world is falling apart. There’s nothing more frustrating that wanting something you can’t have, or just wanting someone you love to want more for themselves.

“I guess I liked you better as a go-go getter and two feet on the ground”

The Kids have stuck to their upbeat version of singing through a dilemma, but it’s important to recognise ‘Lights Out’ is littered with pretty poignant sentences about knowing they’re too close to who they should be to stop trying now.

And we meant that in every sense for Kid Violet. They stand to still be one of the most criminally underrated Southern bands from an independent background, and we’d hate to see them lose momentum now.

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