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Joe Russell-Browne 2020

Joe Russell-Browne tackles depression on new track ‘Nausea/Fatigue’

n 2017, Warren Records released a compilation called ‘Three Minute Heroes.’ The way this worked, is that The Warren Youth Project reached out to young people in the Yorkshire school system, and urged them open up and write about their mental health. This writing was then sent to local artists who all created songs, based on what they read, and thus 3 Minute Heroes was born. 

After the success and significance of their first run, they have decided to release a second LP featuring some more of Yorkshire’s finest young talent. The first single from the album is Joe Russell-Browne’s ‘Nausea/Fatigue’. 

The song opens with a Nirvana like chord progression. Each strum echoing, almost depressing. A light, hazy riff then comes in over the top of the progression being dominant, suggesting maybe a false sense of security, or the drowning out of bad thoughts and darkness. 

Joe’s lyrics are very raw, and I feel that it is utterly vital that they are. Even though the experiences are not his, he manages to talk as if they are, singing about sitting in the dark, but listening to songs whenever he can. 

Whilst his raspy, colloquial tone sings about the signs of depression, he also sings of the things that can help people escape, music and media, people getting lost in content but feeling happier for it. 

This song is beautiful, empowering and impactful, really helping to raise awareness to huge issues that are very real and around every corner, #hearmeout.

‘Nausea/Fatigue’ is available to stream everywhere now!

‘Three Minute Heroes Volume 2’ releases September 18th. 

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