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Photo by Garry Jones

CANDID set to release new track ‘Numbers Game’

CANDID are back and their new single, ‘Numbers Game’ is bigger and better than ever!

During the pandemic the Coventry lads have been busy, not only playing a huge livestream show held at Coventry’s Fargo Village, but also putting this absolute belter together!

The tune instantly gives off an eerie and sinister vibe, a synth that’s almost reminiscent of a horror film. The placement of this on this track is unexpected, the theme of the unexpected is explored deeper by the boys throughout this track, hence the importance of this opening. After this intro we are thrown into a beautiful collision of sounds, the massive guitar riffs and the pounding drum beats concocting to give us a truly anthemic rhythm worthy of huge crowds. 

The opening line sees Rob Latimer deliver some of his best lyricism yet, perfectly setting up the rest of the song. 

He sings, “If I could be honest for a while / I could sit back and take my time/ ‘And move the fabrication, suffocating, years of waiting“. In this song Latimer outs the music industry, and the way artists are treated, as if they are just numbers. Linking back to the theme of the unexpected, it is no secret that to many listening they will have no prior knowledge of this treatment. They may believe that artists are treated well because they are famous, or they may not think about the treatment at all. Personally, I believe that artists choosing to stay independent for as long as possible is a great idea. This way they can stay working with people they are very close to and comfortable with, straying from labels that have a lot of artists, where a lot of industry mistreatment may take place. 

The chorus is absolutely phenomenal, both lyrically and musically. Rob Latimer provides some seriously impressive vocal work as he fires out the lines “I’ve got better things to do’ / Than to prove myself to you / Time and time again“, whilst Dan Latimer sends out an absolutely searing guitar riff and Ben Williams delivers a brilliantly executed drum track. 

I honestly think this is my favourite Candid track so far, well done to the lads for managing to produce this and raising awareness to some of the unjust treatment in the industry. 

Remember, you’re not just a number!

Numbers Game’ will be available everywhere on the 18th of September!

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