Sarah Meth – ‘Dead End World’ | EP Review

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Sarah Meth release stunning debut EP Dead End World

A debut EP showing shimmers of brilliance

London based singer and songwriter has finally graced us with her debut EP Dead End World; a gracious yet powerful project that delves into the life of a 20-year-old.

Throughout her teenage antics, Sarah delved into the unsettling topics that are portrayed throughout ‘Dead End World’; exposing the themes of wealth and class division head-on. With a collection of songs, the project showcases the artists’ capability of an intuitive songwriter through her four-track EP that she started writing at a young age. Since the start of 2020, we have been treated to snippets of intimate and poignant singles, that unravel her velvet vocals and love for nostalgic sounds infused with themes of classic blues. 

The title of the EP Dead End World resembles the life we are living in right now. Even though the latter was written three years ago, Sarah comments on the experience of living in Tory Britain; emphasises the struggles we face daily. Alongside, we are also thrown into her personal heartbreak and love; creating an honest ode within her final track ‘Tangled’ that pulls the EP together. Ultimately, tapping into her focal strength to combat complex and confusing thoughts and feelings; emphasised through her timeless vocals and subtle piano chords. 

Speaking about the EP, Sarah explained: “Dead End World is an EP I wrote during my teenage years, so naturally the lyrics are more centred around trying to make sense of the near-adult world around me, as well as who I was at that age. Around this time my complete Nina Simone obsession was in its prime, but the EP is also sonically influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, Lee Hazlewood and Portishead.” 

With only a debut EP out, Sarah has taken on the world as she becomes an adult and expands her talent as she creeps through 2020 through her elevated music.

Words by Ross Mondon

Listen to Sarah Meth’s debut EP Dead End World Below

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