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Jack henderson

Jack Henderson releases new track ‘Don’t drink the Water’

Scottish singer-songwriter Jack Henderson has released his latest single, ‘Don’t drink the water’ from his upcoming album, ‘Where’s the revolution?’, which will release October 2nd. 

The song has a very raw aesthetic, with bluesy tones present from the offset as Jack’s smoky vocals fade into earshot. 

The song really calls back to the blues and the origin of it’s story, with cool and composed guitar riffs and New Orleans inspired piano as all the instruments play their own song and tell their own story, but combined make for a brilliantly written song. 

The origin of this song and the tale that Jack actually based on is very interesting. Henderson spins a tale of those willing to do anything for success and sends caution, but this is inspired by an apparently true story. It is told that 100 years ago, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in order to be a great blues player. This case study of Faustian facts makes for a devilish tale of caution and warning. 

Where’s the revolution?” is released everywhere October 2nd.

Listen to ‘Don’t drink the water’ everywhere now. 

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