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Callum Pitt
Photo by Daniel Stark

Callum Pitt releases melchony new track ‘Ghost’

Ghost’ is the new single from the North East’s self-proclaimed ‘falsetto facilitator’ Callum Pitt. It sees him move from the political to the deeply personal, and is an absolute breakthrough for the multi-talented musician.

Ghost’ masterfully weaves between nostalgia and melancholy, like watching happy memories play out from behind frosted glass. Instrumentation is gentle; a guitar following the vocal line, a distant drumbeat.

Pitt’s signature vocals are pristine. There are echoes of legends such as Bon Iver and even Perfume Genius; Pitt has the same power to create something both mournful and triumphant using vocal and instrumental harmonies.Yet Pitt has a unique perspective. While the Great American Indie Giants can lean towards the melodramatic (not that I’m complaining), Pitt’s music is honest and relatable to the listener’s lived experience. His lyrics are almost like a stream of consciousness; there’s something in the structure that’s extremely moving, recreating the process of remembering difficult or traumatic events. It’s real; and it hits you hard.

In and out of time, I feel it beating, the sun / April’s brief relief, relief is fleeting

There’s an aching sorrow to his words, which are in places gorgeously simple, in contrast to righteous Bob Dylan-esque poetry of previous single ‘Fault Lines’. The song’s meaning reveals itself by degrees the more you listen to it, and the further away you get from your first listen. It is rawness and healing at the same time. Like the subject matter, it’s precious; delicate, beautiful. Another stunning track from Callum Pitt.

Words by Ellen Mcnally

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