In Earnest – ’29’ | New Music

Focusing on sad folk, with their latest single ‘29’, In earnest show how growing up as adolescents make us miss the memories we cherish the most.

Built on raw instrumentation and beautified harmonic vocals, ‘29’ shows us how to hold on to memories that we miss the most. 

Instrumentally, the sound is raw with the guitar at the forefront of the song which is accompanied by a faint reverberated violin to add an imperceptible feeling to the song. A popular technique that’s used in art-folk music by adding quaint instrumental similar to Josh Tillman and Justin Vernon. As the song ends it’s great how the song’s dynamic picks up and finishes on a beautiful harmonic note. Almost as if the song if fully resolved.

Lyrically, the song goes over how we grow up so quickly with the memories that we cherish disappearing before we know it. From rebellion, to summer memories, the lyrics coincide greatly with the instrumental and is easily relatable. 

The song feels free and summery sonically and carries a lot of vibrancy. It’s the type of song where you can easily paint memories in your mind and feel as if the song is relevant to you. All in all, the music is of high quality and the lyrics will keep you hooked throughout the song.

Words by Lewis Baker

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