Declan Mckenna – ‘Zeros’ | Album Review

3 years after the debut, Mckenna releases second album Zeros

Mckenna doesn’t choke with second album release

Label: Columbia Records

Declan McKenna is back with Zeros! 3 years after his hugely successful debut album, ‘What do you think about the car?’, Declan has shifted lanes and given us a more experimental album, differentiating from the acoustic indie rock album of 2017. 

You better believe’ is a huge indie-centric tune full of energy guaranteed to sound brilliant live! This song is a great opener, as it sets the tone for the album with the space theme prominent through Declans excellent vocals that ring through the song. 

The key to life know earth’ is a cool track with an infectious chorus, one of my favourites on the album. Declan tells a story of being a child that never had everything handed to him, that he wasnt the most popular and may not have always have the best clothes, but still he persisted and carried on. This song has a relentless drum beat that refuses to back off, similar to Declans Brandon Flowers esque voice.

Beautiful Faces’ marked the return of McKenna back in January as the first single off the album. The tune opens with a funky riff that paired with a steady drum beat is ready for the masses! McKenna wanted this song to really highlight how scary the modern world has the potential to be, with the uprising of social media and the influx of young people using it, there are limitless possibilities as to what goes on in these virtual worlds. 

Daniel you’re still a child ‘has a fearless bassline echoes throughout the opening of the song as the piano track tiptoes in and the guitar riff begins to ring with synth like qualities. Once again Declan sings about the scariness of the world and the climate we live in. Daniel is described as a character with unmatched potential but social media and the lies that circulate around the world and fly out of mouths are causing him to lose his way.

Overall Declan has managed to produce a very solid second album. With huge tunes and relevant and important messages in abundance, McKenna has managed to avoid the second album curse! 

Zeros is streaming everywhere now and you can catch Declan on tour across the UK in March 2021!

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