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bigfatbig release new track grab first Single of the Week with ‘Milk and Vinegar’

Giving a song a chorus of resounding “I don’t know why I’m, I don’t know why I’m here” couldn’t be a bigger mood this month. This year. So if we’ve learned anything from bigfatbig’s new pop punk anthem, it’s that they’re already queens of reading the room.

And they’re not too shabby at filling rooms, either. Before 2020 shat itself (look we’ve exhausted every other way of saying it), bigfatbig started the year making sure no one could ignore their bright, sparky and unashamedly colloquial noise. Why would you want to? You could mistake Robyn Walker’s voice for absolutely none other and the girls’ collective stage presence has a prepacked attitude for when they’re ready to sell out arenas.

Milk and Vinegar‘ takes an achingly important look at things that shouldn’t work out, but do anyway and become fucking fantastic. Exactly like this track. If we can rely on Robyn, Katie and Chaz for anything it’s a solid three minutes of stripped back, no nonsense talent that gives your head a wobble and your heart back in perspective. 

It’s becoming more and more disappointingly clear that the music industry is far from being diverse or equal. It’s not an easy fight to keep fighting and the relentless energy from bigfatbig serves as an elixir to keep going. Times have been shit. As much as we’re sick of hearing it, they’re still completely unprecedented. And when we keep thinking “surely, nothing else can go wrong?” the universe keeps accepting the challenge.

That’s where tracks like Milk And Vinegar become even more important. You’ve got people who love you. You’ve got insane music coming from one of the best emerging bands of the year. “This year has taught me a lesson, and it’s that you’re a blessing.”

Sums it up pretty well, right?

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