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Muck Spreader release debut EP Rodeo Mistakes

The power of music is a frequent conversation that occurs between bands, musicians and music blogs alike. However, one band who really emphasise the impressive intensity formed from music is Muck Spreader. In the quartet’s debut EP Rodeo Mistakes, everything is improvised. The band have gone against the conventional songwriting process – in fact, they’ve scrapped the process altogether. It really is a true testament to the talent of these London based musicians who aim to give a voice to those often ignored.

From the introductory track ‘Paraphenalic’, it’s clear that Muck Spreader are unlike any other band out there. Combining elements from multiple genres – predominantly jazz with a tinge of punk – there is a likeable quality to this band. A saxophone solo weaves throughout the steady drum beat, intertwining with the consistent bass line. Lead singer Luke Brennan’s vocals carry a melancholy tint, as an intriguing effect hypnotises your ears into wanting more. He’s simply talking, but it’s infectious in a complex way.

Carnal Tongues’ is the second track, and was released earlier to offer a taste to the EP. Brennan’s vocals appear casual and calm despite the complex lyrics being tackled, and the saxophone makes another successful appearance. 

At just over five minutes, ‘Indefinitely Bleach’ is the longest track on the EP. It begins with an introduction involving the sax and bass bouncing off each other, with a synth based drum beat in the background. Every element of the song feels surreal, and the lyrics are no exception. ‘All of those beautiful people belong together’ is just one of the fascinating lines  commenting on the state of society, ‘they should only breathe with each other’.

The title track ‘Rodeo Mistakes’ begins with a voice. “Okay just do something”, which highlights the casual, yet admirable improvised recording process for these songs. It adds to the raw state of their music, whilst keeping you in awe. Whilst the songs are compiled with  similar instruments, all are completely fresh with new ideas and commentary. 

The final track ‘Draw Knife’ sounds as if it was  recorded in one take, with Brennan thinking on his feet. It includes an imitation of a Spaniard, laughing and accents. Behind the funny stuff is a deeper, darker message covering plenty of topics to keep you on your own feet. ‘White males, hetero… they’ll enslave people somehow’ when talking about the colonising kings and the ‘perfect demographic’. It’s powerful stuff.

Muck Spreader deliver an EP out of this world, and whilst it’s clear this isn’t their first Rodeo, absolutely no Mistakes have been made.

Listen to Rodeo Mistakes below on Spotify

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