George Holliday & his travelling studio! | Interview

George Holliday

Interviewing the travelling music man!

When it’s time to think about your career path, many people want to chase their dreams instead of settling for the mundane 9-5. George Holliday is doing exactly that, and living his own dream thanks to an excellent (if not mental) idea! 

When songwriter George Holliday set up his own little project ‘Made on the Road’, the task ahead must have seemed daunting, but passion and determination are amazing things. ‘Made on the Road’ is a music studio INSIDE of a bus, and allows George to travel the world and meet new people whilst making sweet, sweet music. 

Last year, Holliday announced that he would be making a collaborative album, travelling to 60 different locations in 6 months. Fast forward to today and the sixteen track album is written, and it’s fair to say it’s been through a lot. We spoke to George about how his idea became a reality. 

This is a crazy idea! How did you come to think of a portable musical production team?

It is a crazy idea! I tell myself that everyday! I wanted to travel more and not feel restricted by work which was tying me to set places at set time, and as a piano player (I’m a songwriter/producer) I found myself restricted by such a large instrument with where I could go to. I initially set out to make a small van setup that would be good to take the odd trip out in, but it developed into being my full-time lifestyle and career.

How many places have you travelled to on your studio bus, and where was your favourite?

I’ve been all over Europe, other than Portugal and Italy (2 places on my map for next year). So far, Austria has to be my favourite. I’ve got a love for driving through mountain ranges because I just get stunned by all the scenery all the time, and I like the fun windy roads. Austria has endless miles of that!

You’ve managed to write a collaborative album whilst travelling, how was that as an experience?

Do you know what, it will probably be up there forever in my top 5 favourite things I’ve done. Simply because it was the first big adventure I’d done solo. People were SO accommodating and invited me in everywhere I went. We had meals cooked for us, parties, adventures, stunning scenery with fire pits, and I just wasn’t expecting to be so welcomed in the way we were. We woke up one morning in Germany and thought we had a letter saying to leave, but it turned out to be a jar of roses and a note saying ‘you are welcome!’ That explains how the whole trip went to be honest!

Did you find that the songwriting processes differed depending on who you were working with?

Yes definitely. Everybody had different skill sets and backgrounds in music but I loved the challenge of that; orchestrating how it all went together. It made the album much more diverse and we were writing stories in music that I never would have done if it weren’t for the conversations and introductions to different cultures.

George Holliday

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

Great and very difficult question! I think Justin Timberlake would be the ultimate. If I had him on the bus to write a track, I’d be MADE!

The latest single on the album ‘Young And Free’ was released on the 13th August, and sets the bar high for the what’s to follow. In fact, this single was recorded across 5 different countries with 5 different artists – if that doesn’t impress you then I’m not sure what will. 

Sometimes all you need is a dream, an old library bus and music to achieve great things. Watch out for the album. 

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