Premiere | Jimmy Herrity – ‘Try To Forget’

Jimmy Herrity

Jimmy Herrity premiere’s brand new track ‘Try to Forget’ live on WFM!

We love a premiere at WFM, which is why we’re delighted to feature Jimmy Herrity’s newest track ‘Try to Forget’, which is set for release Friday September 4th.

Jimmy is one of Brighton’s best kept secrets until now, as ‘Try to Forget’ will push Jimmy to the forefront. The track sees Herrity push his boundaries, as he embraces a slow, thoughtful melodical pace – which allows his vocals plenty of room to soak in as he sings the opening line; “Don’t know how to be alone with you / You freak me out man, I am lonely river“.

Try To Forget’ is a stream of consciousness from a person who does not know how to be alone with their own head, a feeling which many people struggle with on a day to day basis. With Jimmy echoing this feeling as he explains the track and what it means to him; “There are demons behind the curtain and they are far too big to deal with, So it’s just easier to forget, or at least try to”.

The musicality of the track really drives this point home, as his vocals are truly isolated and alone throughout. The fusion between guitar, synths and plodding drums are masterfully put together. It would’ve been easy to drench the song in all of the elements, but that would’ve ruined the atmosphere the vocals needed.

The song nearly rolls on for 5 full minutes, but it flows so beautifully, never overdoing it or stepping out the mark. The drop at the end is fantastic, as Jimmy’s emotionally driven performance is really pushed and his finest piece of work to date is wrapped up.

We look forward to what comes next on Jimmy’s musical journey, but we cannot wait for it.

Listen to Jimmy Herrity’s new track ‘Try to Forget’ below on Soundcloud.

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