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Bryony comes ‘Knockin’ and gets Single of the Week

Oh, how we love a track from Bryony Williams.

We say that in a week where, yet again, hundreds of acts like Bryony and the ridiculously talented women of the industry have been overlooked by a pretty major festival. Is a 40% increase on gender diversity across the line up a tip toe in the right direction? Sure, credit given where it’s due.Is it anywhere near good enough when there was an increase in headliner sets and not one when to a female musician? No, Reading & Leeds. It absolutely is not.

So these next few paragraphs focus solely on the type of talent we need to keep championing, booking and requesting.  Not just because it’s near flawless in its own merit, but because it’s 2020 and somehow it’s still underrepresented.

Knockin” is everything its clever promo promised it would be, and we crown Bryony the queen of a teaser video for the end of August. It’s smooth. It’s an audibly delicious juxtaposition of saying she’s not sure where she stands but delivering a track that knows exactly what it’s doing. ‘Knockin’ has this beautiful, tougher-than-it-thinks-it-is quality that kind of acts as a bigger metaphor for the grassroots music scene. It’s been through almost as much as it could be pushed to endure during the pandemic, from losing artists to more sustainable avenues to having some of its most important venues slip through its fingers.

But Bryony’s here, knockin’ at our door and we are so so pleased to see her. Invite your friends round too please, if they’re all making confident tracks with a soft drum-line that could reassure even the most anxious of listeners. Please stay determined in your convictions despite telling us they don’t always work out how you’d expect them to, coz every set back you face produces a bloody mighty sounding comeback. And please do keep coming back.

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