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Fuzzy Sun release stripped back, acoustic EP ‘Stories Retold’

For me, listening to Fuzzy Sun generally takes me to Summertime, primarily due to the memories I attach to their music. But, their latest EP, ‘Stories Retold’, does appear to bring somewhat of a different climate as they reflect on the tribulations of relationships. 

The EP’s title succinctly captures what it’s all about as the fivesome reimagine a selection of their previously released tracks, putting a lovely, stripped twist on that homely familiarity we’ve all been craving as of late.  

Straight off the blocks, the staggering difference between the original and retold version of ‘Want Love’ is heartbreakingly beautiful. At almost 5 minutes, it’s pure, strummed guitar driven calmness. While lyrically, the track remains the same, countering the spritely, upbeat production we’re accustomed to is its stripped back nature, completely foregrounding the narrative as a stab to the heart in ‘I gave you love and you stole it’, continued by ‘I know there’s someone else/ I can tell he’s your only’

The operative part of the ‘Retold’ element of the EP is most obviously it’s more relaxed, acoustic production, but it’s also impossible to ignore the sheer quality of the collection’s vocal delivery. While Kyles vocals are liquid gold, they seem to shine even louder on this EP, particularly in ‘Eve’, ‘Gentlemen’s Touch’ and ‘Sorry Honey’.

As ‘Sorry Honey’ marks the EP’s halfway point, it slowly introduces a louder arrangement. We then see a more produced approach in subsequent, ‘I’ll Be The Man’ and ‘A Modern Kind Of Blue’, alongside each of their breathtaking harmonies.

The only instrumental track, ‘Thalassophobia’, takes the penultimate position. Defined as a fear of the sea and what exists beyond the surface, its title does seem to be quite telling of some of the overall subject matter, potentially making parallels with the fear and reluctance that comes with taking the leap of faith into a new relationship after such bad experiences.

This then makes way for a real highlight of the record, an absolutely seamless transition into the final track, and probably my favourite song of theirs, ‘Come Take A Bite’, bringing that effortless satisfaction I often crown Reverend and The Makers’ ‘Mirrors’ record for. 

With teases of fear in the previous instrumental, the track is a beacon of hope, seduction and longing in ‘Let me be naive/ Love will come eventually, I’ll just let you tease’ and ‘Keep me up all night/ Come take a bite’. The track also closes the band’s debut ‘Want Love’ EP, but seems even more of a perfect round off to this collection, acting as a great tale of new beginnings.

‘Stories Retold’ puts a whole new perspective on their existing discography, in my opinion, best heard when listened to in a single sitting. The more tame production of the tracks make for real heartfelt moments as a host of emotionally charged experiences are catalogued, while simultaneously almost providing a sense of comfort and calm. I think we could all use some of that at the moment? I know I could.

Listen to the brand new EP from Fuzzy Sun below!

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