Circa Waves – ‘Lemonade’ | New Music

Circa Waves release new track ‘Lemonade’

Circa Waves are back, this time accompanied by indie artist to watch, Alfie Templeman!

Lemonade’ is a tune of pure bliss, a song that mellow you out and allows you to forget about your troubles and imagine you’re just drinking lemonade. 

The track opens with a tropical guitar riff, sounding straight off a Hawaiian beach, playing into the relaxing vibe, before the drum beat kicks in and almost transports you to a beach party! The chorus is beautifully harmonized with a choir as the catchy lyrics ring in as Kieran Shudall chimes out ‘We’re all drinking lemonade’ / ‘We thought we’d be doing something great by now’. 

Alfie Templemans vocals also shine throughout the track his voice sounding raw and very fitting to the track. Being only 17 he is definitely one to keep an eye on! 

Lemonade‘ is streaming everywhere now!

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