Anton Pearson – ‘it’s time for us all to leave now’ | EP Review

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Intriguingly enigmatic, minimalist, ambient brilliance from Squid’s Anton Pearson

A fantastic solo delivery from Anton Pearson

Squid recently announced their label INK, a pedestal the members’ own material, to highlight their “solo music and collabs that exist outside of the linear Squid time-line!!”. The first of these releases is from guitarist Anton Pearson, described by the group as “nature-influenced drone music”. As the monochrome artistry of the EP’s cover suggests, the 5-track EP gives off distinct levels of gloom and moroseness but tinged with an underlying menace. However, shades of beauty and warmth do present themselves, in the considered way the organically rendered electronics manoeuvre; often one richly imagined synth arrangement fades away naturally, to be replaced by another equally haunting one.

The initial two tracks exhibit the stirring drone remarkably, a noxious component which resurfaces throughout, as it throbs gently but affectingly amid soothing electronic hums. Second track Contact Desk abounds with shimmering, mirror-like ripples of electronica. These glistening waves unravel and tesselate across each other, then do so again, in a wondrous aural mirage.

A47DM and In a Box hold a fiercely malevolent but yearning spirit, with viscous swathes of electronics reverberating around the drone mesmerically. These sweeping dirges are then joined by agitated whirs on In a Box, like that of a needle scratching on vinyl, enhancing the frenzied furore. 

There are many moments of a textured, dreamy, sound-collage-like quality, with first track Coal and closer 12 x 12 culminating in melancholic pitter-patter of rainfall amongst birdsong. The closing track’s oceanic textures of synth serenity buzz along meanderingly, before discordant static recedes to the enchanting chirps and rainfall heard on the opener.

Pearson has crafted this EP in a very Squid way, in that it is something entirely unexpected and fascinating, yet still very individual. it’s time for us all to leave now provides a flavoursome morsel of the diverse music Squid have to offer individually on their new label, worthy of a generous number of listens. 

Listen to the brand new EP on Bandcamp – Click Here.

Words by James Kilkenny

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