The Magic Gang – ‘Death of the Party’ | Album Review

the magic gang death of the party artwork

The Magic Gang triumph on their second album!

No second album syndrome to be seen here!

Label: Warner Records

The Magic Gang are back and now with their second album, ‘Death of the party’! The Brighton lot released their first self titled album in 2018 to critical acclaim they’ve hit the mark here too! 

The titular track, ‘Death of the party‘ is a congenial, adolescent tale of being the person that people don’t necessarily want around. The person that kills the mood… or in this case the party.  Musically this track is very cool. It feels almost dreamy, there is a brilliant use of string instruments accompanied by some brilliant deep vocals from Kaye.

Kristian Smith also delivers an excellent guitar solo brilliantly combined with the violin. ‘I am sunshine’ is one of the coolest songs on the roster, in my opinion. The track is beautifully centred around the keyboard, again some brilliant vocals from Kaye.

The track that really surprised me on this record was ‘Gonna bounce back’. Its almost an homage to american rock from the 70’s and 80’s. There is a brilliant progression that opens the song, the bass is a highlight for me on this track.

Cool positive message about bouncing back from being down, going back to being your normal self. The song is almost minimalist and simple, but it works fantastically. ‘(The world) Outside my door’ is a really good end to the album, it slows down what was a very uplifting album. Its a sombre song of losing touch and yourself, and the importance of vowing to make a change and rejoin society.

What have you got to lose’ is my favourite track off the album. Its the one for me that’s guaranteed to get you dancing and to cause a riot live! Jack Kaye churns out some truly powerful vocals as Paeris Giles drums to perfection! Angus Taylor also gives us a cool groovy bass line as Kristian Smith delivers some truly infectious guitar riffs.

Personally, this is definitely on par if not better than their 2018 record, as the brighton boys avoid the second album curse! They have done a truly fantastic job and I truly believe this could be in contention for my album of the year, good job lads! 

Listen to The Magic Gang’s second album below on spotify

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