Marsicans – ‘Ursa Major’ | Album Review

marsicans ursa major artwork

Marsicans deliver on their debut album with Ursa Major!

A blistering debut for the Leeds quartet!

Label: Killing Moon

Marsicans are here with their debut album, Ursa Major Having been on the scene since 2014, the Yorkshire based group have come a long way, having supported the Kaiser Chiefs at their huge Elland Road show and being named in The Guardian’s best new artists for 2020!

The album is kicked off with ‘Introduction‘. Normally I dont care for short instrumental tracks on albums but it very nicely sets up ‘Juliet’

Now, to me, ‘Juliet‘ is a classic indie banger, vibrant funky riff that rings throughout with an anthemic chorus and a beautifully crafted bridge. Reminiscent of the early indie scene, (The Wombats and I’m even hearing Blondie ‘Heart of glass‘ in that intro), we can see where they take inspiration from. 

marscians band 2020

Dr Jekyll‘ is sad tune about the effects of alcoholism. Alcohol can turn one into a monster of sorts, hence the reference to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

I think ‘Summery In Angus‘ is a massive tune! I love the chorus here, nice and catchy, light, the change in pitch from James Newbigging helps this. Musically very solid, brilliant drumming from Matthew McHale in particular. 

Someone else’s touch‘ then provides us with something a bit different from the leeds lads. Here they show us very stripped back and raw, vulnerable, change in pace from the other tunes. A beautiful profession of love, the sadness being that it cannot be achieved, so they will settle for ‘someone else’s touch‘. 

The album ends on the short and sweet side with ‘Should’ve been there‘, a song that only clocks in at 1 minute and 47 seconds, filled with sorrow and regret, with Newbigging singing about missing events and just generally being unreliable, perhaps encouraging people to do their best and not follow in his footsteps and make an effort. These thoughtful lyrics are also accompanied by a beautiful, dreamlike acoustic guitar track.

Ursa Major is a brilliant first effort from the lads! With catchy bops and classic heartbreaks and aches, they have released a solid debut worthy of a lot of praise. 

This album just pumps me up for what they can do next, they’re a very talented group, I’d love to see them attempt something maybe a little different and experimental, but for now, you cant go wrong with Ursa Major!

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