FEVER | 10 Questions

Photo by Patrick Mateer

FEVER’s Mitchell Capes answers 10 Questions!

1. What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Margate winter gardens when we supported Blossoms for sure, we were only an opener, but they treated us like a headliner. It made us feel like a professional band for half an hour. Thank you Margate!

2. You are signed to Very Clever records, established by Blossoms. What is it like to be appreciated by a group if that calibre? 

We can’t speak highly enough of Blossoms and Very Clever. It’s truly amazing to have them backing us!

3. Who is the main inspiration behind your music?

It all varies depending on the member, but I’d say the main pillar of inspiration would be  James’ love of The Beatles and T-Rex. 

4. You guys are from Hull, who do you think we should be looking out for on your local music scene?

Search ‘Downtown Kyoto’ and ‘Slowdaze’ into Spotify and you won’t be disappointed. 

5. You have released 3 singles and have a new one, ‘Honesty’ on the way. When can we expect an album? 

We’re hoping to do an EP sometime in the future, we have the tunes lined up and ready, its just a case of getting it all organised. As for an album… someday. 

6. On the topic of your new single, what can you tell us about it?

‘Honesty’ was always our last song when we were gigging and it always went down a storm! It’s got an anthemic feel to it. Something to sing along to when we all start going to gigs again! It’ll be released on the 9th of September!

7. If you could play any venue, where would it be?

For me personally it’s gotta be the Benicassim but thats probably just because I want to go on holiday at the moment. But as a band it’s gotta be Glastonbury; it’s iconic!

8. Do you enjoy support slots as much as you enjoy headlining? 

When we did our headline homecoming gig at Adelphi it was unforgettable, but then supporting Blossoms was also unforgettable. So, we’ll stay on the fence for this one. 

9. What would consider the best album of all time? 

That’s a hard one. At the moment for me personally it’s between The Strokes: Is this it and Oasis: Definitely Maybe, but I’d probably go for the latter. 

10. And finally, what advice would you give to anyone hoping to break into the industry?

Be yourself and make sure your tunes are good!

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