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Vistas release new track ‘Strangers’!

Following the success of their debut album ‘Everything Changes In The End’ Vistas are back with their catchy new single ‘Stranger’ released on the 25th of August. 

The Edinburgh indie trio is made up of frontman Prentice Robertson, guitarist Dylan Rush and bassist Jamie Law who formed Vistas together in high school. The band have since gone on to cultivate a loyal fanbase all across the UK with their energetic live shows.   

In classic Vistas style the track features heavy over-driven fuzzy guitar riffs, plenty of synths, and wastes no time before jumping into a massive boozy chorus. As always Prentice’s powerful vocals shine through as he sings the lyrics about a breakup. 

You said that you’re doing well / But it’s been months we’ve not spoken / I hope that you don’t feel broken / who am I kidding?

Overall ‘Stranger’ is another lively feel good indie pop anthem from the boys that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

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