Biffy Clyro – ‘A Celebration of Endings’ | Album Review

Biffy Clyro are back with their 9th album, ‘A Celebration of Endings’

After 9 albums, Biffy Clyro still can deliver

Label: Warner Records

Simon Neil and co hit the mark with some huge hits that belong in a stadium with some more down to earth hits singing about love. 

The album opens up with ‘North of No South’. We are provided with a light jaunty guitar riff then pummeled with a heavy classic Biffy outburst, similar to ‘The Captain’ almost. The song has a lot of range, Simon singing about philosophical beliefs and whether there is a heaven or god above us, or in the end are we simply just corpses below the ground?

The third track the rockers give us is ‘Weird Leisures’. Neil cranks out a brilliant opening riff that’s loud and proud with a strong bass line from James Johnston that manages to cut through and be heard. The song talks about the effects of drugs, and what you miss out on by taking them, they ruin your life and block you out from the outside world. 

‘Tiny Indoor Fireworks’ is one of the more poppy tunes from the Kilmarnock rockers. Simon Neil expands on the message from the last tune, explaining that he doesn’t have the heart to ignore his troubles by using drugs. Musically I really like this song, it’s a really upbeat song but doesnt ignore the bands roots which is still extremely prominent in the choruses. 

On ‘Space’, Simon Neil delves deep into his heart in a brilliant way. He talks about the heartache of loving still loving someone that you had a failed relationship with, and being so dependent on them, wanting them to wait for you. 

‘Instant History’ opens with an ominous synth track as Neil’s cutting Scottish vocals echo through pleading to God. 

The chorus is loud and massive, ‘This is the sound that we make’ being chanted by the band as the drums are smashed with passion, I can guarantee it would sound brilliant live! 

The album ends with a six minute belter ‘Cop Syrup’. The best way to describe this is hardcore and fun, a song to lose your shit to! This is a fantastic way to end the album, a celebration almost! The lads go absolutely mental on this track Neil screaming ‘Fuck everybody Woo!’, as they see out their ninth album!


Overall the Scottish rockers have created an enjoyable album that provides us with some massive tunes and some vulnerability from Simon Neil. My only issue with the album is that it doesnt quite live up to some of their more memorable albums, such as ‘Only Revolutions’ and ‘Puzzle’. 

Biffy Clyro give us an album that’s sure to make us miss live music in this uncertain time, we’ll just have to settle for cranking this out at home! This album may not reach the standards of the Kilmarnock boys’ previous work, but simply put, it’s a lot of loud, and a pot of fun!

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