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As We Leave release new track ‘Stories We Tell’

As we sit in the height of summer, it doesn’t matter that the weather appears to be mainly doom and gloom. As We Leave’s brand new single ‘Stories We Tell’ will transport you right to that summer paradise feeling no matter what the weather’s like at home. The quartet, hailing from the Isle of Wight, only started releasing their music this year, but their songs could be written be professionals.

The single has enough recognisable elements to comfort you, yet unique enough to keep your attention throughout all 4 minutes 18 seconds of it. Psychedelic riffs, fearless bass line and distinctive vocals amplify As We Leave’s assured sound, and it’s clear that they know exactly what they‘re doing. Everything about this track is comforting, and even the solo guitar riff towards the end of the track glistens towards the summer sun.

Lyrically, ‘Stories we Tell’ is reminiscent of good times. All four members were high school friends, adding so much more depth and value to the lyrical nostalgia that is sung. ‘Fire nights, sipping wine, indulging delights’ reflects the easy going summer that this band are recreating through their music.

Stories we Tell’ is a homage to past summers, and in doing so, As We Leave have created brand new memories.

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