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arlo parks 2020

Arlo Parks is this weeks Single of the Week with new track ‘Hurt’!

“Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel something for once?
Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel worth something, huh?”

We could write 100 words on how beautiful the first few seconds of ‘Hurt’ is by Arlo Parks. Here’s her soulful, respectful hum that’s there when you need it. Her sound is as optional as it is important, and that VOICE. There are no words for that voice. 

We mean this in the most complimentary way possible, but this song doesn’t invade your space. It’s the bedroom music for the back part of your mind that keeps you sane when everything else (looking at you, 2020) is so mercilessly loud. ‘Hurt’ is a percussive and delicately executed safe spot for when you’re just not sure how to feel.

You’re meant to be working harder than you’ve ever worked, but protecting your mental health. You’re supposed to watch your weight for yourself, but also treat yo’self because self care. You’re supposed to follow your dreams and engage in your hustle, but hold a secure job during a recession.

Who actually knows? None of us do. But honestly, your unclear horizons are nothing to be scared of. ‘Hurt’ is taking a brave step into a messy middle ground of acceptance, disappointment and pretty brisk normality. It’s sort of exactly what we all near to hear this year.

We haven’t had a british artist tap the warm parts of our soul like this since FKA Twigs. If you feel depressed, that’s valid. If you’re sick of feeling depressed, that’s valid. If you’ve got absolutely no idea how you feel, that’s completely valid.

There’s no rush to work it out, and we’ve got wholesome tunes like Hurt until it makes more sense. 

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