Jamie Webster – ‘We Get By’ | Album Review

Stunning debut proves Webster is destined for big things

A mature approach to a debut album.


People’s poet Jamie Webster is back with his long-awaited debut album “We Get By”, to be released on August 21st

The record features 12 relevant, thought-provoking and incredibly passionate tracks about everyday working-class life. 

Jamie has taken the Liverpool music scene by storm with his festival atmosphere shows. Selling out gigs across the UK and Ireland, the people powered storyteller is documenting the struggles, joys and villains of everyday through his music.  

The Album

The album jumps into action with the opening song ‘Down The Road’. Sonically the track is energetic, upbeat and folksy. The lyrics portray the modern lifestyle of people who accommodate their lives around a Saturday night “pills / thrills / but you’re running two months over on your iPhone bill”. 

Fan favourite track ‘Living For Yesterday’ starts off slowly with Jamie’s voice over some bluesy acoustic guitar and builds into a bouncy, racing chorus. The song tells a story about people who pretend to be someone they’re not to play up to a crowd. The lyrics about “dreaming dreams of the easy life” and when you “spend your monthly wage in a week” are all too relatable.  

Twangy guitar track ‘Change’ also has an energetic and cheerful sound, but it is cleverly is juxtaposed by the honest lyrics about breaking free from “this shithole of society”.

The lyrics of ‘Stop Living Blind’ are equally real and direct. Webster offers his critique on democracy as he sings “tired of hearing lies / because the truth don’t satisfy / so fuck it all”. The track has a stripped back, sombre sound and picks up the pace towards the end. 

Webster’s vocals are particularly strong on standout track ‘Out On The Street’. The evocative lyrics on this tune tackle the topic of homelessness as he passionately calls for “a solution / a kind of revolution” to the issue of people falling below the breadline.

Heartfelt track ‘The Joker’ has a great groove to it and lyrics that tell the story of a person who has become a villain after being abandoned by society. Jamie got his inspiration for the track after watching the film ‘The Joker’ last year and decided to write a song about the concept, it also touches on the topic of male mental health and is sure to connect with a lot of people. It’s easy to see why the track is Jamie’s favourite off the album.    

Jamie Webster delivers with the next track ‘Somethings Gotta Give’. The Bob Dylan-esque lyrics of this song provide a powerful commentary about the struggles of everyday working-class life. It features some nice folksy guitar melodies and some clever political lyrics as he perfectly portrays the current state of the world. 

‘This Place’ is a heartfelt ode to Liverpool that many of his fans will connect to. The track features Webster’s signature fast paced rhythmic guitar playing and his emotionally charged lyrics. The song acts as a love letter to Liverpool as he repeats the lyric “my city / my people / my heart”.   

Timely track ‘Grinding The Gears’ was released during lockdown. The track is a slower paced ballad and acts as a statement of intent, showcasing his song writing skill and painting an optimistic picture of a better life. The track has an escapist Noel Gallagher feel to it and is very relatable.   

The album picks up the pace again with working class anthem ‘Common People’. The tracks lyrics are straight from the heart as Jamie sings about breaking free from mundane everyday routine. 

Fan Favourite track ‘Weekend In Paradise’ is also rooted in Jamie’s working class upbringing. It has an upbeat, jumpy Gerry Cinnamon-esque guitar rhythm and witty, relatable lyrics about a weekend bender. The track is a massive hit at Jamie’s explosive live shows and it’s easy to see why. The racing track builds into a catchy energetic chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place at a summer festival.   

Title track ‘We Get By’ draws the album to a close on an upbeat note. The acoustic pop song showcases some classic Jamie Webster lyrics about the daily struggle of making ends meet. 


From the opening chords all the way to the closing title track, ‘We Get By’ is melodic, upbeat and impossible not to relate to. A few chords and a lot of talent, Jamie Webster is never afraid to speak his mind.

His rise to success from his job as an electrician to accomplished musician singing in front of 60, 000 people is a result of his passion, dedication and talent that is showcased perfectly in ‘We Get By’. Named by the Liverpool Echo journalists as the 11th most influential person in shaping the city’s modern culture in their 2020 Power List, it’s easy to see that he is going places. 

You can catch Jamie and one of his sensational live shows when he tours the UK in February of next year. 

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