Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue – ‘Wasted on You’ | New Music

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue release new track ‘Wasted on You’

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that music has become somewhat of a source of solace in these tough few months, so in comes Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue’sWasted On You’, a rollercoaster we’re actually glad to welcome.

Kicking things off is a distinct, tape scratch, a bright, bass-driven piano piece and a deep, distorted male vocal. And while this dips in and out, providing a certain level of social commentary, the song is primarily delivered by a much higher, female voice, courtesy of Kami. 

Her vocals are beautiful, not only bringing an amazing range, but an air of effortless quirkiness, in places, correct me if I’m wrong, sounding like Paramore’s, Hayley Williams

This is mirrored in the track’s light hearted and interesting production, completely reflective of the fact the band were just simply trying to ‘write a piano piece that was crazy and fun to play’, inspired by a YouTube video of all things. 

Not only is there a cassette rewind which perfectly name drops their upcoming EP, ‘Sugar Freak’, there are frequent pauses in instrumentals. These entertaining dramatics are continued by a move through something that sounds like a one voiced, semi-operatic duet, then a slow jam esque breakdown section, before being rounded off by the effect of a tape shutting down. 

You can certainly sense the fun that was had in the track’s creation, and we can’t wait to see more of this with the EP’s release on 4th September. 

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