Mac DeMarco – ‘2’ | Classic Record Review

mac demarco two artowrk

Taking a look back at Mac’s finest album to date!

Mac delivers his best work with ease.

Label: Spunk Records

Year: 2012

Mac’s 2nd record, ‘2’, is arguably some of his best work. Straight off the bat Mac slings us some funky guitar riffs on ‘Cooking up something good’, where he sings about his family life, something so mundane (with his mother presumably running the house and his father simply sitting in the basement), that he has turned into a complex sounding, playful hit. When the chorus hits, Mac utters the lines ‘Oh when life moves this slowly/ Oh just try to let it go’ shows a sense of surrender to the life he is living in.

For me, ‘Freaking out the neighbourhood’ is quite possibly the highlight of this album. We are provided with a catchy and unforgettable riff, accompanied with a song full of mischief  and the nature of growing up, causing havoc for both parents and the rest of the neighbourhood.

‘Ode to viceroy’ is a love song in probably its simplest form… but it’s about cigarettes. Any fan of Mac DeMarco would know that cigarettes are almost a second love to him, and this song explores that. He explains that they are there for him whenever he needs them, (‘Viceroy/ early in the morning’ ‘Viceroy/ as it’s getting later’) and often refers to them as ‘Honey’, he loves the so much that they deserve that title. Mac also states that he’ll smoke the cigarettes until he is dying. The very clear irony in this line is that the cigarettes are more than likely what will end up killing him, but they will be there until he dies and he will love them until then.

‘My kind of woman’, is also a love song, in a more traditional sense. Singing to his lover, he states ‘I’m down on my hands and knees begging you please, baby, show me your world’. He is clearly so head over heels for this girl, that he will do anything, he will beg, just for a glimpse of her world.

2, very simply put, is an album full of love songs, taking many different forms, whether that be about craving youth, smoking cigarettes, or the love of a woman. Mac does a fantastic job here giving us funky, groovy guitar riffs, or even more simple chord progressions, that all manage to hit the spot and collectively, give us one of the best albums from the prince of indie rock.

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