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Jack Conman 2020

Conman releases new track ahead of upcoming album Seventh Sense Libido

We’re waiting very patiently for Jack Conman’s debut album, Seventh Sense Libido and in the perfect build up, he’s dropped Come Back In The Room.

Yes, this is another review of Jack Conman dropping an offensively good track. 

We love when Conman brings out a bigger band. It’s a rare audio treat, unless you saw him live in the good times when we were allowed to do that. Though few do the stripped back, guitar string teasing beauty as well as he does, it does feel like Come Back In The Room is a deliberate teaser to everything he’s capable of now. 

We don’t always talk about Jack’s vocals as much as we should (we’re a sucker for a northern accent, and even more so when it’s dripped in honey). Come Back In The Room is a progressive take in sound from French Twinks Porno and Sweet Julia in that he’s assertive and deeper. There’s usually a longing in his sound – as you’d expect any musician in their early twenties – but this track’s tone steps away from the melancholy and vocalises someone else’s frustration. And you can really really hear that. 

“Everytime I go to leave, it’s “no Jack, no God, wait.” We feel like that when these singles end, if we’re being honest. We want to know what happens next, we want to hear the outcome and we want to know how Conman draws up each eloquently relatable journey.

And that’s because, right before his debut album drops, Jack’s shown us he’s perfected music that sounds like a catch up with people you care about. There’s no fourth wall in this music – it’s a genuine lad with a genuine sound that’s near impossible not to fall in love with. 

Seven Sense Libido is going to be that first night you see all of the people you care about again after a long and pretty difficult few months. A proper tonic from head heavy times.

The next one might actually be at a gig… *crosses fingers*

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