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Cage Park release debut track ‘Parma Violets’

Cage Park have arrived with a bang! Previously playing under the name ‘FLARES’, they have been a key band on the Birmingham punk scene for a while. Now they have evolved, and as Cage Park they have released their first single, ‘Parma Violets’ and it is fantastic. 

As far as I’m concerned, this is quite possibly the perfect indie hit. Edie Mist and Arthur Belben provide on point and catchy lyricism, singing about ‘sitting at home with your makeup on’ whilst waiting to go out, providing very catchy and relatable lyrics for their audience, the late teens of the Birmingham music scene. We can see very possibly some first hand experience here, the teenage lifestyle is very prominent here.

Musically this song is also fantastic. Leo White provides us with an almost quirky yet intricate guitar track, whilst Mist gives us a funky bass line and Reuben Sanders drums to perfection in a heavy but not overpowering fashion. This song has punk written all over it, and is sure to give anyone who listens and brilliant time, and if they didn’t have it already, a huge appreciation for punk!

This song marks a huge milestone for the band as their first single, and I am confident after this, that they will only improve and continue to thrive!

Words by Jack Horsley

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