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The Cribs announce New Album Night Network and release new track ‘Running Into You’

After a three year long hiatus, the UK’s most under-appreciated trio, The Cribs, are finally back in our lives, and what a time to return in the midst of 2020.

On August 13th the band tweeted that come 5pm they wre going to be back in our ears on BBC Radio 6, debuting ‘Running Into You’ the first single to be released from their upcoming album Night Network.

Running Into You’ is everything you would expect from the Wakefield trio, Gary’s high pitched vocals on the chorus, Ryan’s distorted melodic guitar and Ross’ undeniable taltent-fuelled drums fills.

Watch the full video below:

The video is hilarious to say the least. The Cribs, ones of the most down to earth bands ever, acting to be this larger than life band with cereals and trainers named after them was hilarious. But in all seriousness, it is very big comeback. They also had long time friend Sam Riley starring in the video which was a nice touch, and a pleasure to see!

Recording Night Network at Dave Grohl’s studio out in LA just seems to be a match made in heaven, seeminf to have complete freedom and time to unleash three years of noise. It’s so good to have the brothers back doing what they’ve always been known for, unconforming, mid-fi madness.

On a personal note, words can’t explain how exciting to see The Cribs back making music again. No matter what they release, it’s consistently brilliant, and I think Night Network could be another gem as the band move into another phase of their careers.

The new album Night Network is set to release November 13th via Sonic Blew/[PIAS].

Album Tracklist:

1. ‘Goodbye’
2. ‘Running Into You’
3. ‘Screaming In Suburbia’
4. ‘Never Thought I’d Feel Again’
5. ‘Deep Infatuation’
6. ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’ (feat. Lee Ranaldo)
7. ‘She’s My Style’
8. ‘Under The Bus Station Clock’
9. ‘The Weather Speaks Your Name’
10. ‘Siren Sing-Along’
11. ‘Earl & Duke’
12. ‘In The Neon Night

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