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Fading Blonde release new track ‘Walking Distance’

It’s a universal fact that break ups will never be easy, and sometimes the only thing that you can do is plug in your music and blast it loud. That’s exactly what Fading Blonde’s brand new track ‘Walking Distance’ is here to do, so no matter how heartbroken you are, this track is bound to help. Fading Blonde, from Nottingham, have been storming the music scene the past two years, creating songs with blurred genre boundaries ranging from rock to punk.

Walking Distance’ is the band’s 2020 debut, and it’s one of their best releases to date. The lads have achieved a balance between emotionally raw lyrics  that pull on your heartstrings – ‘I still miss the way I could just bump into you’, and an indie rock background perfect for dancing along to. 

The bold lead guitar is the first element to grab your attention, contrasted to softer vocals from their lead singer. In fact, the electric guitar is a staple sound throughout all of Fading Blonde’s songs, and we couldn’t ignore the eccentric guitar solo that is packed full of emotion. 

Walking Distance’ is the perfect companion post-breakup, so stroll on over and put it on.

Listen to the brand new track from Fading Blonde below:

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