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Still in the midst of lockdown, we spoke to Andy from Bad Love!

First of all, how did Bad Love form?

Me (Andy), Tom and Ben had been in a previous band for a little bit. I was listening to artists like LANY, The 1975, MUNA, joan and Nightly and tons of bands like that but felt like I wasn’t making music I loved anymore. We’d just played Great Escape festival in Brighton, which was an amazing opportunity, but on the long drive home at night we listened to all these bands we loved and then bands i’d grown up on like The Cure and Duran Duran. We both just knew that we weren’t making the kind of music we should have been so we basically came up with the entire idea for Bad Love, what it was about and what it meant to us on that drive. I remember feeling emotionally exhausted when we got home, like a big weight had been lifted I guess.

The name Bad Love is very relevant to the theme of your songs, where did the band name come from?

Literally in that car drive home at 2 in the morning

What’s been your favourite way to pass the time in lockdown?

I’ve tried to be healthy, go for some long walks, I started running (which i’m shit at!). But my favourite thing has been to lock myself in my little studio at home and just write loads. It’s such a cathartic experience for me, it just switches me off to the rest of the world.

How have you found the experiences of writing your three released songs – were the processes similar or different for each track?

Each one has been really different. More Than Friends I started at home and we finished in the studio and then mixed it. Hurricane we did the same thing but then after it had all been mixed and mastered I just wrote a new chorus for it and everything so we started again and finished that at my house. Then for our new single A Place For Me I wrote it, produced it and mixed it in lockdown! I always prefer when we can all be in the room together so that’s been so hard through lockdown to be honest!

Where does the inspiration for your lyrics come from?

My biggest mantra in Bad Love is that it should come from a real place. I write about things that are real to me, conversations I have and lives I can see with my friends. To me, it’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Especially in a world so defined by fake existences art should be trying to find the sincerity of people.

How would you best describe your sound?

We affectionately call it ‘sad boy pop’. I guess it’s alt-pop. Pop music to dance to, for the modern introvert.

Who would be your dream artist to support?

LANY I think, they’re making such sincere records but also just pure pop bops so it ticks all my boxes!

If you could’ve written any album out there, which one would it be?

Christ. I think ‘I Love You’ by The Neighbourhood was a really defining album for me. That and Wiped Out both massively informed how I craft songs and approach the idea of production, not being scared to be creative and have no rules to what we’re doing.

Which fellow upcoming bands should we listen out for?

One of my favourite bands right now are joan, they’re killing it and just released an amazing EP I LOVE. In Manchester Larkins are putting out some insanely cool records right now too so we’ve got big love for those boys. I’m also obsessed with Abbie Ozard too, her songs are just amazing so there’s three to keep you busy!

Are there any plans for new music that we can look forward to hearing at some point?

Well we’ve got another single coming out later in the year along with what i’m calling the 3am mixtape, i’ll reveal more of that very soon! I want to do an EP at the start of next year and as soon as we can we’re looking to just get back out and do shows all over.

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