The Lotts – ‘We are the Lotts’ | EP Review

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The Lotts release debut EP We are the Lotts

Sometimes the heat of the moment brings the best results. Like this week has been absolute HELL in terms of temperature, but it has allowed me to succeed in being the grossest man in Essex, and I never knew sweat could make a shower scrub disintegrate. The urgency overwhelms the desire to overthink things, and spontaneity leads to GREATNESS. The Lotts are a band who, on their debut EP We Are The Lotts, embraced this fully.

Do it fast, do it loud” is the band’s motto and they stick to it religiously throughout We Are The Lotts. From the opening riffs of the title track, it’s clear that the EP is absolutely determined to make an impact. With the scrappy guitars colliding violently against thumping drums, cut with a slice of feedback, there’s no need to worry about making an impact.

‘I Don’t’ keeps the pace with another rush of guitar-led noise flooding the ears, leaving just enough space to hear the vocals steadily become unstable as the song goes on. This rapid demise of sensibility is heard on ‘Dumb’, which contains the same level of energetic chaos as Dinosaur Jr. did in their early days, which is quite nice as its slacker-vibes leads effortlessly into the shredding beast of ‘Preacher

We Are The Lotts is everything you could want from a Punk record: high energy, lots of noise and a real fear instilled inside. The Lotts really brought the thunder and made sure to keep things varied too. It is a blast of a listen, and one I’ll be returning to again and again.

Words by Adam Reeve

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