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Sophie Jamieson releases new track ‘Forward’

Earlier this year, Sophie Jamieson released the Hammer EP which received a lot great feedback, now she’s back with her new track ‘Forward’.

The subject matter of ‘Forward’ is about being lost, and not knowing which way to turn, which way is forward. Sophie paints this picture perfectly, with her vocals completely isolated in a instrumental which is packed with dread, reeking of lonliness. It really is an emotional release, as it’s been carefuly produced so it’s not overly-busy and remains laid bare and perfect.

Sophie has also announced her next EP Release will be with us come December 1st, and will look to venture similar themes as she expressed the EP was written at possibly the darkest time of her life; “It’s about Becoming disconnected from those close to me, I searched for connection blindly, drinking past blackout and getting myself into trouble. The next day I would find a way to punish myself. It was a vicious circle.”

Listen to the brand new track ‘Forward’ below.

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