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ready steady die pleasure ride

Ready, Steady, Die! release new track ‘Deep’

Feeling a bit like your head is all over the place at the moment? Honestly, we feel ya. It’s probably the perfect time to get lost in ‘Deep’ by British American duo Ready, Steady, Die!

Deep’ is the first invitation from Sam and Morgan’s debut album ‘Pleasure Ride’, heavily inspired by the deep and delicious mind fuckery of David Lynch. It’s a string heavy tune of synthesia, where you’re actively invited to take a break to the back of your own mind. 

On paper, a smooth opening and open meddling of music shouldn’t work as successfully as it does for Ready, Steady, Die! But with those sort of hypnotic, sexy siren vocals drawing you to a big bold chorus you forgive the unexpected twists and turns… because they twist and turn so sinfully well.

 It’s not often a band forgoes everything you’d expect it to in terms of narrative and promotion. ‘Deep’ is thought provoking and surprising as it draws on a passion for film noir, electronica and dream pop. ‘Give thanks for everything you can’t explain’ – and why the hell not in a time where we can literally explain nothing? If it’s sheer and glossy escapism you’re after, this is your jam.

‘Deep’ is just about perfect in length and – well, excellent weirdness. Ready, Steady, Die! took on the challenge of a three part album collection that promises to entice a listener through a beautifully dark voyage. This first track sounds expensive (we all know we’re a sucker for a well-produced song) and every second has been thought through. We can’t wait to keep embracing the oddity of this band. Who’s coming with us?

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