Paris Youth Foundation talk Lockdown, The National and Their New Album | Interview

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With their new single released, we got the chance to talk to Paris Youth Foundation!

With lockdown delaying the release of their debut album, Liverpool’s own Paris Youth Foundation have returned with their new single ‘Late Night Love’. 

Described as “The Strokes meet Wolf Alice” by NME, Paris Youth Foundation write honest and melancholic songs with a happy and upbeat indie sound. The band have a lot of experience under their belts having played Reading festival, toured with The Magic Gang and completed their first headline UK tour earlier this year. 

I caught up with singer and guitarist Kevin Potter for a chat. 

EE: Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Kev: I’m Kevin and I sing in a band called Paris Youth Foundation

EE: How has lockdown been treating you?

Kev: It’s been alright. I guess early on there was so much uncertainty. Obviously from a music standpoint it put everything on hold; we’ve lost about a year of playing live and postponed our album but it’s been the same for everyone really. You just need to keep some perspective really and realise that there’s a lot of awful things happening in the world that are more important than music

EE: How did you all meet and what made you decide to start making music?

Kev: A few of us knew each other from just growing up really and being young lads in Liverpool, we went to a few of the same gigs at the weekends and we got to know each other saying hello sort of thing. There were three of us at first, we always joked around with the idea of a band but never took it very seriously. We all grew up wanting to be in a band and eventually we decided to take a chance and waited outside LIPA which is an amazing music university in Liverpool and kidnapped some other members.

EE: Who are your biggest influences musically?

Kev: We all have different influences, I guess. It’s no fun if all five of us say Arctic Monkeys. I think that’s a good thing to be honest because were not all turning up to the rehearsal room trying to recreate one band. There are lots of different bands within our genre we love but also lots of different genres too. I think this hopefully leads to a few different layers to our music. I’d say my biggest influence is a band called The National, they just write the best lyrics in the game.

EE: Who are some of your favourite artists right now? 

Kev: That’s a tough one. Again, everyone would be very different, I’m not that cool. I’d say my favourite new artist is Sam Fender, he just came out of nowhere really and that album was the best one of last year for me. It’s very special. I also love DMA’s, they’re one of the most exciting guitar bands around

EE: What is your creative process like when it comes to writing songs?

Kev: I’m usually on my own with my acoustic guitar to write songs. So that’s chord progressions, melody’s and lyrics. I’ll show them to the boys in our rehearsal room and it’ll either be yes or no. If the boys like it they will learn it and put their own amazing spin on it, making it Paris Youth Foundation

EE: What was your favourite part of touring the UK earlier this year?

Kev: We’ve toured the UK before but it’s different when you’re a headliner. You know that the crowd have come to see you and it’s a nice feeling that we’d never experienced before. They’re there for you. It’s really humbling to travel the UK and meet people who love your band.

EE: What’s been your most memorable gig that you’ve played to date?

Kev: I’d probably say the first gig we ever played which was Reading festival. Sounds like a lie but I promise it’s true. We had one song and uploaded it to the BBC… a week later we were radio 1 introducing artist of the week and had been invited to play Reading and Leeds Festival. We’ve played some special places since, to a lot more people than we played to that day, but that will always be the one I look back on most fondly.

EE: What is your favourite song to perform live?

Kev: My favourite song to perform live is probably I can’t keep up with your love, it’s my favourite song of ours in general to be honest. I’ve always loved a slow build song and this is our attempt, I guess. I’m really proud of it.

EE: What’s the best gig you’ve been to and why?

Kev: That’s very tough to choose. I saw The National in New York which was very special. It was in an old theatre and they had just released High Violet which is my favourite album ever. Pretty much perfect really.

EE: What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far as a band?

Kev: I think day to day when you’re starting out you’ve got to be able to remind yourself what you’re doing. There’s lots of problems day in day out being in a band. You’re putting so much in and sometimes you don’t get a lot out. So just constantly reminding yourself and each other that you’re making music with your friends, touring the country, playing amazing festivals and meeting people who love songs you wrote in your bedroom. Were very lucky lads. Getting to tour the UK is an opportunity that not everyone gets.

EE: Do you have any plans for new music or maybe an album anytime soon?

Kev: We’ve just released our new single “Late Night Lost Love”. Our album is going to be released early next year but there will be lots of single releases throughout the rest of the year. Maybe even a new song every month to six weeks if we can. We’ve waited so long now I think we’re just going to release everything we have.

EE: What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Kev: Enjoy every second of it. If you’re not then try something else. Writing songs, getting in a van with your mates to travel the country should be the best days of your life. Keep reminding yourself how lucky you are. No matter how hard you are working you can always work harder

EE: If you had one message to give your fans, what would it be?

Kev: Thank you for being so lovely. Meeting people hundreds of miles away all over the UK who love a song I wrote in my bedroom will always blow my mind. There are so many amazing bands and artists to choose from out there so thank you for giving us a chance.

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