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Whats peoples problem with Green Day?

Scrutiny and hatred for bands which have had meteoric success, and longevity have become rife. One act which seems to take the brunt are California stalwarts Green Day. The powerhouse outfit are constantly maligned for their approach to making music that doesn’t adhere to the punk formula, and this seems to anger many ‘’punk’’ experts. These enthusiasts try to diminish Green Day’s success as a band which has created blockbuster albums and records that don’t fit, albums that miss the mark. And there isn’t a band out there that is invincible to making a mediocre record.

With social media being such a breeding ground for hatred and offensive commentary, it has become the norm to trash bands. People are in their element when they’re caught up in a frenzy, and their words are their weapon of authority. Behind this demeanour, they’re courageous and brave, expertly pulling down a band’s accomplishments. These comments may not make it to Green Day, they may become lost in social media’s armoury of hate, but they enrage many Green Day supporters.  

Green Day have fans. There’s no doubting that, and many of these fans are infatuated, drawn to their favourite act. Since their inception, Green Day has sold over 70 million records, which is not bad for a trio from suburban decay. Dookie was their breakthrough album, a record explicit in sexual urgency and tormented dreams. It would sell 10 million alone, and it’s some feat. But then, the hatred surrounds Green Day like a thick darkness. This is because of the band signing to a major label in 1994.

After signing on the dotted line, Green Day had become a band despised for their upturn in fortune. They began to be shunted by punks and the freaks of California, the people who listened to them when they played the underground. Automatically thrown out, Green Day didn’t crash and burn. They would release more records, and they’d become superstars in their own right.  

The diehard punks thought Green Day sold out when they released their seminal opus American Idiot in 2004. An album brimming in anecdotes and clarity, it changed the landscape of modern music. But, on the flip-side, it created a storm as a political game changer. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, wrote these songs rich in rage and love, tracks that bolstered Green Day’s catalogue.

Many people dislodged Green Day from their lives. For being a rock opera infused in brilliance, some didn’t like American Idiot. Some loved it, some ridiculed it, but there was an influx of youthful fans who bathed in its glory. After its release, American Idiot certified Green Day as frontrunners, as titans, spearheading a revolutionary tale.

On the upside, Green Day had become fashionable again, but it didn’t stop the abhorrence. Nowadays, the band can’t do anything right under the watchful eyes, and as they grow older, they’re pelted by jokes and ignorance. For all the hatred thrown at them, they seem to be joyous and confident, keeping the inspiration moving and the band intact.

Words by Mark McConville

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