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the beatles revolver

Taking a look back at The Beatles first experimental record

Probably The Beatles finest album.

Label: Parlophone.

Year: 1966

1966. England had just won the football world cup and a week later that famous 4 piece beat combo The Beatles would release their seventh studio album.

Released eight months after Rubber Soul, Revolver as it would be known would signal a revolutionary time in the life of The Beatles in both creativity and a departure from live performance.

Controversy would never be too far away from the band. Around this time John had made his rather unfortunate remark about The Beatles and Jesus Christ. Also, the release of this record was just after their chaotic tour of The Phillipines where they were accused of snubbing a scheduled meeting with Imelda Marcos. This along with many other factors I feel contributed to their decision to cease touring.

Originally with a working title of “Abracadabra” “Revolver” would be released on 5 August 1966 and would continue to show the progress the boys had made as songwriters.

Harrison goes political on “Taxman” advising you to “declare the pennies on your eyes” and philosophical on “I Want To Tell You” stating “I feel hung up and I don’t know why“. The continuing Indian influence on George is shown on “Love You To“.

McCartney’s proven ear for melody is shown on one of the most beautiful songs he’s ever written in “Here, There and Everywhere“.

There’s also the brassy “Good Day Sunshine” and the optimistic “Got To Get You Into My Life”  and even though they were hitting a creative peak the boys showed they still have time for the fun and silly with “Yellow Submarine“.

The seeds were sown on Rubber Soul for the maturing of John Lennon as a songwriter.  Revolver for me was McCartney’s turn. The album closer “Tomorrow Never Knows” would signal the most experimental song they’d written so far.

Written with no regard on how it would ever be performed live it’s aggressive, energetic and psychedelic.

A classic from start to finish.

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  1. I’m right there with you man – I totally agree with you. Except for maybe Abbey Road (I adore that album – the medley is inspirational) it is probably my most played Beatles album and it appears almost in it’s entirety on my Ultimate Playlist. There is not one weak link.

    ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ is one of my all time favourite Beatles tunes off this album. It’s got everything The Beatles were about in it; energetic riff, three part harmonies, psychedelic lyrics, creative baselines, and an all round jaunty feel.

    There’s something really special about this album that is far too often over looked as Sgt Pepper hogs all of the glory, but I fervently believe Revolver stands up better by far.

    1. Thankyou, I know I think that is often the case that Sgt. Pepper steals a lot of the glory. As for Abbey Road, it’s probably my second favorite Beatles album, for the same reason, the medley is amazing, I don’t think any other band could do that, especially singing about a man who sleeps in the park and shaves in the dark… there’s no one.

      I think I might do a post for each Beatles album or rate The Beatles albums and give my reasons haha.

      Thank you for commenting, really appreciated.

  2. Revolver is definitely a high point in the Beatles’ canon. My parents gave me this album for Christmas. Of course I got the American version.Thank goodness we have the British versions now. And Your Bird Can Sing was the opener for The Beatles’ Saturday cartoon show. I heard a lot of songs thanks to this show. I love that guitar sound. The album cover was awesome as well. I too, prefer this album over Sgt. Pepper. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic. Tomorrow Never Knows sounds other worldly. Got To Get You Into My Life has a Motown vibe. The singing on this album still has that Beatles harmony sound.
    The American version didn’t have And Your Bird Can Sing , I’m Only Sleeping, and Dr. Robert. You had to buy Yesterday and Today. Thank you, Capital records! That’s the one that originally had the butcher cover.
    This was the summer of the we’re more popular than Jesus tour. That was a hot topic that summer. I was living in N.C. (and I still do) and people in the deep south don’t take kindly to that sort of talk. John was right. I mean , Jesus lost the only popularity poll that he was in. They did choose to release Barabbas instead of Jesus. He went on to say he could have said motor cars and T.V. were more popular. Right again. He definitely regretted saying it.

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