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the beatles help album

Taking a look back at The Beatles most mediocre album

Not the best, but not the worst.

Label: Parlophone.

Year: 1965


By the turn of 1965 John, Paul, George and Ringo were not only established musicians but had also dipped their toes into the film industry. 

Admittedly Help and the previous years A Hard Days Night were never going to win any Oscars but the films were good fun and a great way of showcasing their new material. Like A Hard Days Night the first side of the “Help” vinyl would consist of tracks that were showcased in the movie with side two being further songs to fill the album.

August 6 1965 marked the release of their last pop album before the journey into more psychedelic waters with Rubber Soul just four months later.
In a previous article of mine where I’d ranked their work I’d stated that I’d never been a huge fan of the title track.

The album.

That opinion hasn’t changed. It’s ok and I’ve never disliked it but perhaps it’s suffered from “familiarity breeding contempt”. It’s an undeniably catchy tune though, some might say cartoony and a great way to kick off the album. For me as a fan it’s not their best album but that doesn’t mean it’s not any good, such is the bar and standards they have set.

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” is almost Dylan like in its influences and once again showed a maturity in John’s songwriting. “The Night Before” and “I’ve Just Seen A Face”  once again show Paul’s effortless quality in writing a toe tapper. “Yesterday” is just beautiful. It’s hard to believe that Paul was only 23 when this song was on the album.

The highlight in my opinion is “Ticket To Ride“, it’s a slow burner of a tune with Ringo once again proving what an underrated drummer he is. Listen out for Paul’s bass on this too. Majestic. Ringo also gets his moment on vocals with the cover version “Act Naturally” It’s infectious, silly and fun.
The album ends with another cover version “Dizzy Miss Lizzy“, probably a simple concept to end the album with a rocker.

It’s not the best Beatles album out there but it’s still an enjoyable listen. 

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