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Nobodies Birthday release ‘Bridges’

I first came across Nobodies Birthday when they supported The Cribs in Coventry some years back, and I remember thinking ‘Shit, these guys have a great following” and I needed to get involved. Since then I’ve been keeping tabs on the band, but they’ve recently released ‘Bridges’ and it had to be featured.

The band have a very Bripop feel and sound to them, with the lead singer having a very Liam Gallagher-eqsue swagger to his vocals. The song has an old school vibe to it for sure, but it’s done really well. Big guitars, drums and a hefty solo just for good measure. Overall the track has a very anthemic vibe to it, like you could hear it being played through a stadium and it wouldn’t sound out of place.

As always I will keep track of Nobodies Birthday and what they’re upto, would love to hear another extensive release from the band as it’s been four years since their debut album All You Ever Want Is Everything was released in 2016. These things take time, so I’ll sit tight, stay patient and enjoy ‘Bridges’.

Listen to the brand new track below on Spotify.

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