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Calva Louise release new POPURRI EP!

Calva continue to push their boundaries


Since the release of their debut album Rhinoceros, Calva Louise have been on a constant upswing. Releasing new music, playing live (until the lockdown) and pushing creativity with Jess Allanic featuring with Strange Bones from time to time.

Over the lockdown it would’ve been relatively easy for a band with an album under their belt to give themselves some time off, but for Calva Louise that’s unthinkable. So naturally, they releasee POPURRI, a brand new EP with 3 boundary pushing tracks.

The EP.

Caminoheads the EP up (which was one of our singles of the week), and when it first hits there’s some serious Gorrilaz vibes, with the big electronic sound rushing in, like a heavier ‘Stylo’. Jess’ vocals suit so well to this style, their completely different and benefit this new sound so well.

Then we have the title track ‘POP(urri) where you can hear Jess switch up her vocals from Spanish to English, making it all the more impressive. It’s fast pace and relentless energy is just what this EP is all about. Their debut album leaned on some softer tracks like ‘Getting Closer’ but, for this EP that sound seems quite a way off. It’s clear the trio had a direction for the EP, and the distinctive production for each song shines through.

A side note before we look into final track ‘I Wish’, every video for each song is so well done. Not only do they compliment and visualise the track perfectly, but there’s been so much effort and creativity put into them it would be a crime not to mention it. Well done.

I Wish’ rounds up this three track EP, and it doesn’t drop the pace. It’s probably the softest of the three vocally, but in instrumentals are still very busy and chaotic.


The EP sounds like a musical change for the band, as they push for a more electronic sound. Whether or not the band will roll this out for an entire album, who knows. But, if stays as just an experimental EP, served just to flex their creative muscles it’s been completely worthwhile. With it only being three tracks you are left wanting a little bit more, but they’re so in your face and lively maybe three is all you’ll need. Can’t wait for some more from Calva, another band which firmly have their hands on the wheel.

Listen to the brand new EP below on Spotify.

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