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Shai Brides release new track ‘Honeydew’

It’s been a few months since Birmingham’s Shai Brides dropped their electric single ‘Tokyo Drift’. Fortunately for us they are returning with their newest single ‘Honeydew’,

Since releasing their debut single ‘Joie De Vivre’ in 2019, the synth-pop five piece have taken Birmingham by storm headlining some of the city’s biggest venues and gaining a loyal fanbase.

The bands third single ‘Honeydew’ sees them move on from their synth-punk roots into a fresh new sound. The energetic pop track features a well-balanced blend of psychedelic guitars, infectious riffs and synths over a steady drum beat. 

Lyrically ‘Honeydew’ is about love and doubt. Lead vocalist Thom Dent sings lyrics that are equally hopeful and hesitant adding a depth new depth to their music. 

“I do nothing if I can’t do it with you / I’ve got low self esteem / you’ve got honeydew” 

Overall, the new track is a synth-pop powerhouse with a catchy chorus that’s sure to get your head bopping along. 

Listen to the brand new track from Shai Brides below!

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