Jarv Is… – ‘Beyond The Pale’ | Album Review

jarv is... beyond the pale artwork

Jarvis Cocker returns with another solo album release

More proof that Jarvis isn’t just a Britpop fad.

Label: Rough Trade

To the casual observer Jarvis Cocker is that guy who sung ‘Common People‘, who invaded the stage at the 1996 Brit Awards during Michael Jackson’s performance of Earth Song. 

To the music fan he was the lead singer of Pulp a band formed in 1978 and writer of anthems that defined the 1990s. Two solo albums would follow the final Pulp album and during that time he would also form an electro act called Relaxed Muscle. Add radio host, music director and writer for The Guardian newspaper amongst many other talents. He even found time to win Celebrity Catchphrase on ITV.

Lockdown has been an interesting time and I certainly enjoyed Jarvis’s weekly Saturday night discos on Instagram. His latest project Jarv Is was actually formed back in 2017 and recording of the album would take place in 2018 and 2019.  Jarvis describes this album as an alive album not a live album. Actually some of the tracks have been recorded live and then finished off in the studio

The result is one of the most impressive, fresh, energetic, interesting albums of the year.  You could describe it as art pop or space rock if you like. I actually don’t know. I just know that’s it vibrant, interesting and absorbing.

Save The Whale” sees Jarvis sounding like Leonard Cohen. “Must I Evolve” sounds like early Pulp,”Sometimes I Am Pharoah” sounds like Bowie in the 90s and “Children Of The Echo” has a funky vibe.My personal favourite is “House Music All Night Long” dreamy and dare I say about a man who wants to club but is happy grooving at home.

It’s a great record from start to finish. Put some headphones on and drift away to it or if you prefer vinyl seek out the one that glows in the dark and pretend you’re clubbing at home.

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