Seasick Steve – ‘Love and Peace’ | Album Review

seastick steve love and peace

For his 10th album, Seasick Steve is back with Love and Peace

After 10 albums, Seasick Steve still has it.

Label: Contagious Records

Seasick Steve is back with his landmark 10th studio album, ‘Love and Peace’, bringing big riffs, raw lyrics and classic rock goodness! 

The album opens with the title track, ‘Love and peace‘ and it’s brilliant. This tune is the epitome of classic rock. This song feels like driving in the scorching sun, with the windows down, no care in the world. This tune feels big (almost reminiscent of Life in the fast lane by Eagles) but one criticism I do have… I would have liked it to be even bigger!

Next on the roster is ‘Regular Man‘. Personally, I love it when artists really appreciate what they have and where they came from. They recognise the reward of the graft, and this is done brilliantly here. Steve sings ‘I never forget where I came from’ and that he’s ‘Just happy to be alive’ and I believe this kind of thinking is crucial, especially in today’s society! He is truly humble and respects where he came from and I believe this is represented musically as well. The basis of the song isn’t too overdone or wild. For the most part it’s fairly simple and this shouldnt go unappreciated. 

‘Clock is running’ is probably my favourite from this record. Here Steve once again, conveys an absolutely fantastic and vital message, that life is too short to sit around doing nothing! This message paired with a huge riff almost reminiscent of some more modern rock anthems is definitely a winning combination! 

To see out the record we have the song, ‘Mercy’. This song is a completely raw and vulnerable journey reflecting the effects of love. Steve recites lines about a past lover that he just cannot forget (‘Why you gotta be in my dreams?’ / ‘What you doing messing with my sleep?’), her being in his thoughts is relentless and it is driving him to the edge, all he wants is a little mercy. 

We are shown a broken man, who merely wants to move on, but cannot. 

Overall, I very much enjoyed this album. There is a huge amount of range here from huge driving songs to desperate pleads for sleep, but it is pulled off very well. He is also able to combine very nicely good, uplifting messages with cool music, and it really works. 

Another thing I love about this album is that it never takes itself too seriously, it knows what it is. It’s a fun album that goes back to Steve’s influences, that classic, bluesy, folk rock, singing about life and everything inbetween.

Steve is producing classic and blues rock in the 2000s, and I believe this is a good movement. As a young person somewhat raised on classic rock, I will always be interested and I truly do believe there will always be a market for bringing back this music. 

Will this always be the case? Hopefully, but I suppose time will tell, but for now let’s enjoy it!

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