Maya Maya – ‘Cutting Teeth’ | EP Review

maya maya cutting teeth artwork

Maya Maya release debut EP Cutting Teeth

Great potential for a debut EP

Placing the fundamentals into your art takes great talent and assertiveness. Honing your skills can burn you out and make you feel the extent of fatigue, but with all the hard work, the prize is always sweeter. Scottish act Maya Maya are fresh faced musicians on the cusp of making waves in an industry crying out for their style and grace. Yes, exposure is credible, and priceless when you’re starting out, but when the people see you and hear you and love what you’re doing, it all clicks into place.

Maya Maya is different, and their concept is crucial to building up a sound that doesn’t adhere to the musical norm. This creation Cutting Teeth which has been built by honesty and sincerity also spearheads individuality, a trait few bands possess. Possessing these qualities will only work in Maya Maya’s favor, and when they’re bursting through to the point of ascendancy, bridging the gap between good and great, then they’ll know what it’s like to be a band not chasing dreams but basking in them.

EP Cutting Teeth highlights sorrow in parts, the pains of growing up, the downsides and the upsides. Every time, lead singer Clara Robb rises and delivers vocal urgency, conveying through thought-provoking lyricism, true realism. These words spark attention and don’t run like tear ridden mascara, but stay in heads whimsically hooked to creative bursts from a band that doesn’t want to be ushered off their platform.

Striking and original, Cutting Teeth has to be absorbed. Both Names starts proceedings. The quirky guitar part from guitarist Tony Miller reverberates throughout with Clara Robb singing in synergy. The lyrics are imaginative, conveying a sense of yearning and longing. Lifeguard is the pinnacle, a song bursting out, and the protagonist has a choice to make, either sink or swim. Instrumentally tight, it all comes together pristinely. Driving Range showcases Robb’s vocal level, and the lyrics are bittersweet, with that infectious drumbeat adding dimension. On Fever Pitch, Robb shows her vulnerable side and magical touch. Lyrically, it conjures up visions. Musically, it delivers too.

Cutting Teeth’s diversity is testament to a talented band. Throughout four songs, the outfit embark on portraying their love for music and words, poetry that creates images and tells stories. 

Words by Mark McConville

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