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Hunger Moon release new song ‘Promises’

Hunger Moon are without doubt one of our favourites here at WFM, we’ve covered them pretty much from the start when they first released Oh Friend’. Since then the duo have blossomed and grown into one of our favourite acts, and in that time they’ve really found their sound and what works for them.

In their new track ‘Promises’ the band once again mesh so well together as guitarist James Attwood provides a simple but beautiful instrumentals and Natalie Jenkins comes through with her patented vocals, putting a clear Hunger Moon stamp on the track.

The song seems to cover a relationship, which has it’s issues and ultimately leads to breaking promises. As the song goes on it becomes ever dramatic as the wondrous crescendo is completed and the song really hits the climax. Hunger Moon do so many things well, but I always love their song structure and how they nail it every time. Everything has it’s place, and nothing is put there without purpose.

As you can tell, I very much enjoyed this track and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Still yet to see the band live, so once things resume to somewhat normality, I’ll be looking forward to seeing them perform this track live!

Listen to the brand new track ‘Promises’ from Hunger Moon below.

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