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Bad Girlfriend release new track ‘Here it Comes’

Bad Girlfriend are a punk/garage trio from Birmingham and deserve your attention and their new track ‘Here it Comes’ should be the one to do it. If you like a bit of distorted fuzz, this your jam.

As the song kicks off you feel as if you’re about to hear something soft and gentle from your next indie darlings, and then after 20 seconds in comes this relentless fuzz sound and Bad Girlfriend truly introduce themselves.

The band give off a very grungy vibe, but much more distorted – if that’s possible. The vocals are far out and packed with reverb, you can make out the lyrics if you listen out for them, but this just adds to the chaos. The favourite section for me personally is the solo we’re treated to two minutes in, which pretty much closes out the song. I could imagine that being played at the end of the set, and the guitarist just leaving his guitar lying on the amp as they leave a sea of madness.

This is Bad Girlfriend’s first track in nearly over two years, so it’s great to hear them back at it, hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for the next one – because this was impressive.

Listen to the brand new track ‘Here it Comes’ from Bad Girlfriend below on Spotify!

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