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New Bloxx takes Single of the Week and will never be off our mind

Easy and addictive, “Off My Mind” scored the title of Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World for BLOXX. Give it its first stream and it’s completely understandable why they’ve chosen it as a teaser to their upcoming debut album ‘Lie Out Loud.’

It’s airier than what we’re used to from BLOXX, and we absolutely love that. “Expecting a band to sound the same all the time is like expecting someone to never grow and change.” Vocalist Fee has been pretty… well, vocal about encouraging artists to speak their truth both on and off a track.

There’s a big stage and a lot of responsibility to normalise bands fully expressing themselves, and an even bigger stage to stop defying bands by the gender of their lead singer. In “Off My Mind”s simplicity, there’s still a lot of room to remember that someone’s sex isn’t a category of definition – it falls down to the artist and their identity. It just so happens that because of this and the countless feel good tunes BLOXX keep blessing us with, we kind of want to be their best friends.

Off My Mind” wouldn’t feel out of place on the soundtrack to one of those great teenage stoner movies. The ones you fell in love with when you were 14 and watched Euro Trip for the first time. It’s the same collaborative vibe where no element of the song outweighs the other – BLOXX are a band, and they bloody love the noise they make as a collective.

‘Lie Out Loud’ is available from August, and it’s going to be an accumulation of everything BLOXX have done best until now. And they’ve yet to be disappointing, have they?

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