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FJM releases a bunch of covers we never knew we needed

It’s been quite a while since we heard something new from Mr.Tillman, and it will remain that way as his new EP Anthem +3 features four beautiful covers. Papa John released this EP with all proceeds benefiting CARE action and Ground Game LA. So with that I put forward my money and purchased it off bandcamp, which you can do here.

The first track is a Leonard Cohen cover, which is done beautifully. One of Tillman’s key features are his lullaby vocals and they’re all over this EP, and this track. Sung to somewhat perfection the track urged me to go and listen to the original, and of course it hasn’t got that gravelly Cohen voice but still a very strong cover.

Then we had ‘Fallin Rain’ which was originally released by Link Wray, a track I’d never heard before. FJM follows it near enough note for note, apart from the lack of harmonies in Mr.Misty’s. This is something I credit Father John Misty for a lot, getting me into other artists, with him acting as a somewhat gateway to other genres and artists, and it was the exact same thing here.

Father John Misty, De Montfort Hall

Trouble’ is the shortest on the EP and is nice simplistic song, especially Yusuf /Cat Steven’s version. FJM’s is much more dramatised with the his patented “oohhhhhhhh’s” featuring, which always adds a bit of extra something to it. This is probably my least favourite on the EP, which isn’t a bad thing because they’re all good. But, the keys that come in the chorus just come off a little harsh and I’m not sure why but I couldn’t take to them.

Finally the lengthy ending with ‘One of Us Cannot Be Wrong’ which is originally sung by Leonard Cohen again. FJM pushes the boat out with this recording as he adds so much to the original with a sax, a fuzzy guitar and heavy douse of reverb just for perfect measure. He also slows the song right down as he delivers the lyrics slower to Cohen, but just as well. Also I enjoyed as the song built to it’s crescendo, Tillman’s vocals become more broken and loose, as he’s practically shouting at the listener towards the end – and I loved it.

It was great to hear something new from FJM, even though they are covers. After his release of Pure Comedy and God’s Favourite Customer he really has become one of my favourite artists and this material just makes that admiration stronger.

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