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Club Paradise follow up ‘Teenagers’ with ‘Growing Up’

It’s been a good few months since North East icons Club Paradise blew our minds, and good LORD haven’t they made up for it with ‘Growing Up.’

I’m a simple gal with simple needs, so I was easily impressed the follow up to ‘Teenagers’ was called ‘Growing Up.’ Didn’t even have to press play to know it was going to blow away its predecessor, and I mean that in the biggest compliment I could possibly pay a band. ‘Teenagers’ had no business being as phenomenal as it is, and ‘Growing Up’ is offensively well made. It clocked over 1k streams in the first 24 hours without breaking a sweat.

Lyrics flow effortlessly into line after line, and we mean that both in the audible confidence of a band already in their stride AND those wonderful words. “Coz we work so hard just to make ends meet // I was born and raised in these jeans” is possibly the

Am I slightly biased because I’m from the North East? Aye, likely. But from sold out show in Newcastle to making their mark on Manchester, Club Paradise are injecting our streets and lives with their cartoon aesthetic and sickening production – and making an otherwise grey backdrop into a northern powerhouse. 

It’s possible the Best lyric of 2020 and I won’t be taking further questions about it at this time. 

We’ve loved Club Paradise since they were fresh faced cubs ‘Street Party in Soho’ (yup, we saw you waiting for your dads to pick you up from the o2), and it does sort of sounds like they’re hitting their mid 20’s crisis. Rent is shit. Corporate jobs are shit. The responsibility outside of who you’d dreamed you’d be when you were 14 is SHIT. But honestly, we want nothing more than to be facing the side of our 20’s that don’t look all too friendly with this music. 

See you all again soon for when we lose our minds over the next Club Paradise instalment. 

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